REAL Friends

boat~Shemeka Michelle
Just recently a coworker called a woman my friend who is absolutely NOT a friend of mine. While someone else may have let that go, I couldn’t. Why? Because I truly believe that a friend loves at all times and that is very hard to come by. Personally, the word friend is something we throw around much too often. I’ve called people friends who have proven to not be friends at all. When people love you based on conditions, when the conditions change, the end of the “friendship” is inevitable.
During the course of my lifetime, I’ve formed relationships with people that I‘ve mistakenly called friends. However, when what we had in common was no longer a common interest, they weren’t around. As long as I served in their church we were “friends”. As long as I was with whom they wanted me to be with, we were “friends”. When I was broken and confused, we were “friends” but the moment I started standing strong and was no longer hanging on their every word, our “friendship” disappeared. I’ve even had pastors call me friend but when my ship started to sink and I could no longer give to them in the capacity they desired, it was like they never knew me.  It truly hurts to let people in, allow them to use you for their own gratification then look up and they’re gone.
What I’ve learned and continue to learn is that not every one that you communicate with is worthy of having keys to your heart. When you allow someone to come into your life; share dreams, laugh and cry with them, you are giving them pieces of you by sharing your heart. Not everyone is worthy of that.
When I wanted to start blogging, I went to six other women that have proven to love me at all times. Even when we weren’t speaking, I knew there was love. I consider them to be friends. Five of them decided to get on the boat and I am truly grateful. While I’m hoping that eventually many other women will get on the boat ready to Get Naked, I know that many people may jump on my boat but only REAL friends will help me row!