Open Letter to a Gangster!

Dear Mr. Gangster,
First let me say that you need to put on a pair of panties and schedule an appointment to be waxed because you’re a pussy!
After all of the violence I’ve seen on television across the country, I’ve decided you are disgusting. How does it make you feel when you see a woman or helpless child lying in a pool of blood? Do you feel like you’ve proven something? Does it make you feel hard? Really? Dicks get harder than you! Nothing about your weak minded, ignorant ass says tough guy, gang banger or gangster. The real OGs lived by a code that you obviously know nothing about. You stand on the street corners with your pants sagging showing your stinking ass. Did you know that in prison that’s a sign that you welcome sexual intimacy from another man? Maybe that’s exactly what you need; to be fucked in the ass since you like acting like bitches!
You’re killing children who could’ve had grown up to be the next Obama, Michael Jordan, Thurgood Marshall or Christa McAuliffe with senseless violence. Do you know why they call it senseless? It means you’re dumb as hell. As some parent, sister, brother, grandparent or friend is grieving in pain, you’re probably searching for the next time to “turn up”.  What exactly does that mean anyway? Turn up uneducated? Turn up socially challenged? Turn up in the news because you have turned up dead?
Countless people died so that you could have a right to freedom; a right to vote and the freedom to be educated. Yet, this is how you repay them. There are teachers that day after day sacrifice a decent salary, stand in the class room abused by you until you one day decide you aren’t coming back. I guess it doesn’t require much education to read 9mm.
You continue to blame “the man” for your shortcomings. However, “the man” isn’t forcing you to keep pulling the trigger. “The man” ought to string your animalistic ass up, hang you in the center of town and peel the skin from your scrotums because you obviously view prison as a vacation. Then there’s this no snitch code that you think is so cool. Thank God the men that came before you that fought for our rights weren’t afraid of speaking up for injustice.
You are pathetic, heartless cowards!
Decent Citizens that are sick of your shit