~Shemeka Michelle


The saying is, you can take a woman out the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out the woman. So, what is the saying when two women who weren’t born in the hood decide to act like hood rats?

There was a time when Black women were taken away from their own families to wipe the asses of children that were not their own. Now it seems we still jump at the chance to play in shit that doesn’t belong to us! Some may feel like I’m joining the ranks by even writing this article. However, I will not sit by and pretend that I’m ignorant to the current shit show.

Omarosa Manigault recently turned on her beloved Trump. After years of being one of his biggest supporters, she now claims he’s a racist bigot. Frankly, I’ve never liked a turncoat. I don’t care who they turn on. She says she was blind, but really Omarosa, how stupid are you? It should never take that long to read writing on the wall unless you’re mentally challenged. Honestly, I actually liked that we had a Black woman working closely with Mr. President. However, I’ve always believed she was just a token Black for Trump’s administration. I mean, what else could she bring to the table? Many Black people don’t even like her much less trust her to speak on our behalf. She comes across as self-centered and self-serving. I placed no hope in her that she would actually care enough about the Black community to make a difference. Now, she wants us to believe that she’s had some great epiphany, has awakened from her slumber and Donald Trump’s shit does in fact stink. It’s hard for me to believe that she’s telling the whole truth. She was either lying then or lying now. Either way, that makes her a liar that can’t be trusted.

I can thank Kanye West for bringing my awareness to Candace Owens. While I also like the way she thinks sometimes, the way she behaves is starting to be quite embarrassing. After President Trump called Omarosa a dog, Candace jumped on Twitter to call Omarosa a bitch. Once again, here we have a Black woman volunteering to play in shit that doesn’t belong to her. How did what’s happening between President Trump and Omarosa involve her? Was she looking for brownie points or was she too just being a bitch? Has she been bought with a price? She claims to have left the plantation. Yet, her hair still resembles the master’s, and she seems to have no problem handing out lashings.

It’s sad to watch Black women with large followings misuse their platforms. We’ve come a long way as a people. However, it’s obvious that Black women are still willing to ignore the needs of their own to stick a tittie in the white man’s mouth!