Guest Blogger: Lasonja Marie


Stroke my mind

No really stroke it harder

Stimulate my thoughts

Intrigue my brain

Wipe the crust from my eye

Yes, that’s right the one inside

Talk that talk to me

So my imagination can ignite

And my heart can proceed

Proceed to follow

As I swallow my pride

And become vulnerable

Give you my heart

So the love making can start

Uncover my thoughts

So you can uncover my body

Enter into my universe

Quench my thirst

Let your words make my yoni burst

Yes daddy just like that

Call me tomorrow so we can run it back

And start to tap

Into another dimension

And let’s not forget to mention

Relax from all the tension

Let you words flow fuck all the conditions

And traditions

Turn off the television

And let our spirits roam free

I see you and you see me




About Lasonja Marie: She’s a 22-year old writer, aspiring plus size model who also loves working out. She believes in LOVE and life has brought her to be a confident, intelligent, outspoken, beautifully created individual.