My Hair is Natural and I Don’t Care that YOURS Isn’t!


I’ve been natural for three and a half years. I did what’s known as the Big Chop! Initially, I would try and convince others that they too could do it whenever I was approached with the statement “it looks good on you but I couldn’t do it”. I thought going natural was something they had really thought about doing but just needed some encouragement so I was happy to give it. Now, that very same statement gets on my damn nerves!


News Flash: Lady, I REALLY don’t care that you choose to relax your hair. Even if you have no edges and/or I can see your scalp and it seems like it just won’t grow, I don’t care!!
I am really tired of women with relaxed hair giving me long dissertations about why they can’t go natural or why they wear their hair natural but only under a Brazilian weave. They say things that only annoy me further like “I wouldn’t know what to do with it”, “my hair is straight from Africa” or the comment that really burns me up, “I wouldn’t look right”. Please tell me why you feel like you wouldn’t look right with the hair you were created with?? What you really mean is you won’t look like the image of beauty that society has etched into your psyche.
I hear relaxed women saying they are tired of natural women and our talk of homemade concoctions, protective styling and hair diaries. I’m not sure exactly how you’re tired of hearing it because if you relax your hair, then we aren’t talking to you but I digress. I apologize if I’ve ever made a relaxed woman feel like she wasn’t doing right by her hair (and I know in the beginning I did). However, please don’t feel the need to explain your choice to relax your hair to me or go on an anti-natural hair rant just because I’m in the room. I truly am not interested! Statements to me like “girl, I don’t see how you do it” will probably receive a blank stare.
When I look at a woman with a head full of weave and a face caked with makeup, do I feel some kinda way? Honestly, yes I do but that’s another blog. Until then, can’t we all just get along? I don’t want to have to defend my hair style choice and I don’t feel like hearing your defense either. My Hair is NATURAL and I REALLY don’t care that YOURS isn’t!