My Ex TRIED It by “Hitting” On My Friend!

NGSC: Kenita Stubbs


I would like to start by saying I am not angry nor am I hurt. I would like to just express my current thoughts……

I was recently called FIVE last names and it was intended to be an insult to hurt my feelings. However, it ended up being a tell me something I don’t know laughing matter. I’ve kept it NAKED on several occasions in regards to my previous marriages. It’s no secret that I have been married four times. Now, don’t misunderstand my thoughts, I’m over the entire situation that occurred when I was told this…..
My friend and I were having lunch; catching up because lately our schedules have been so busy. We had to squeeze In some “girl time” and as we were talking she shared with me that husband #2 asked to take her out. Why would he think she would go out with him? Maybe he thought she would since my EX-friend that called me “five last names” did. Husband #2 may have assumed that since he was successful with sleeping with the same person he too tried to warn me about. He used to say that she was not as real or true as my other lifelong friends. While I debated with him over this, unbeknownst to me at the time, he had plenty of reasons to know his so called suspicion’s where facts.

Husband #2 and I became good friends after our divorce. He and I agreed that it was not meant for us to be married due to several reasons. There were no longer any harsh feelings between us. He and my current husband are cordial and he is still in my oldest son’s life. My family still loves him dearly and he and I talk from time to time just to catch up, check in, laugh and joke and I’ve even confided in him with certain things. He knows that although we have been over for years, it was not cool to sleep with one of my friends. He owned up and admitted his faults. We easily got over that and moved on and continued our friendship. I also continued the friendship with ole girl (I won’t say her name and it’s kind of hard to keep calling her friend). Being that I don’t have a romantic or emotional tie with #2, it was really no biggie. I was more so shocked about ole girl. I’m now shocked that one of my honest, loyal, and real friends was asked on a date. When he and I discussed different things we would always name the friends we knew were real friends and we both know the one he recently asked out is one of them. Did he not know that she would expose him? Or he just didn’t care and took that chance.

She and I laughed at him and continued to talk business. He knows that I blog and he always says “don’t be up there talking about us,” and I had not but, not for his reasons. It’s just that I had no reason to just yet. I always explain to people, I don’t set out to target anyone or air out nobody’s dirty laundry. I share MY LIFE; my thoughts, feelings and my emotions. I keep it naked about what I have gone through so if you just so happen to be a part of those mentioned, then so be it. It’s never a personal attack. You may read about everything and everybody else but JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE SAFE, you added yourself to part of my expressions. It’s okay that you screwed a friend that I later found out was not a real friend. I finally “BROKE IT OFF” with her and because enough is enough, I’m breaking it off with last name #2! I want to make it clear that this is not a jealous rant or a bitter move because I have forgiven #2 for a series of horrible things so this is a walk in the park. I only want to have genuine honest, loyal and real people in my life. This is what I have to offer those that are dear to me. I will not settle for anything less from ANYONE! Now this is senseless drama for those that are attracted to the “scoop” and drama. Sadly, this is real life!