Men if Your Lady Won’t Have Sex, She Doesn’t Like You!

~Shemeka Michelle


Why is “to have sex with your man or not have sex with your man” still a RELATIONSHIP topic?? Ladies, take it from me, withholding sex from your man to keep him in line is the dumbest theory created. Yet it seems it’s a theory that just won’t die. This type of thinking is amateur and immature. I myself had to learn from my own mistakes.

Whose pussy is this? If we’re in a committed relationship, it’s his!

I’m having a hard time understanding why I continue to see posts urging women in relationships to have sex. Women should already know they need to be giving up the goods. Yet it’s obviously still a hot topic. I know part of the problem is that women have been lied to for centuries and programmed with foolishness. First of all ladies, it’s ok to love sex! It’s time for us to eradicate the bullshit myth promoted through misogynistic religions that women were only created for the man’s pleasure. That type of thinking leads us to devalue sex causing both parties to suffer. If women weren’t supposed to enjoy sex, we would’ve been born without a clitoris and a G-Spot. Therefore ladies, it’s not a chore and something you do just because you’re supposed to. It’s should be for your enjoyment as well. If you are being fulfilled, instead of giving up on the concept of love making altogether, figure out what you like. This can be a fun activity of exploration for both of you. Secondly, using sex as a form of manipulation just doesn’t work.  Do you know how many women were born with vaginas? That sounds like a crazy question. However it’s just as crazy as thinking that you can control a man by withholding sex; thinking he doesn’t have the option to get it elsewhere.

Some feminist groups that claim to be advocates for women are actually hurting us by sewing unnecessary seeds of hate and division between men and women. Ladies, if your pussy can heal the earth, start with healing the man at home! Don’t have time? Make it! If you are in fact suffering extreme mistreatment in your relationship, you shouldn’t be just withholding sex. You should also withhold your mind and soul and exit such a toxic environment. Him forgetting to take out the trash, call you while he was busy working or missing your aunt’s retirement party should not be a basis for such suffering. I hear statements such as “sex is overrated”. Yet… everybody’s fucking. If it’s so overrated, stop having it! But, if you’re in a relationship, going without sex should be a MUTUAL agreement.

Of course this blog is not to say that sex can keep your man from straying either. If he’s going to cheat he’s going to cheat regardless. This is to say that keeping sex from your man in an attempt to control and manipulate just shouldn’t be done. I firmly believe that a woman who withholds sex for menial reasons just doesn’t like her man! It’s that simple. There may be many reasons that she doesn’t like him but that’s the bottom line. I’ve often said that I’ve had sex with men that I didn’t love but I’ve never had sex with a man I didn’t like.  When you like a man and/or are physically attracted to him, sex should be a natural activity in your relationship that occurs on a regular basis unless both people choose to go without. POINT BLANK PERIOD!

It’s sad that this is still an issue in so many relationships. What’s even sadder is that there will be women who miss the big picture of this blog post simply because sometimes we just don’t know how to listen! Sorry men, I tried.



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