Love is Blind but We Can See Your Bruises!

NGSC: Charissa Jones
love is blind
What’s so fucked up is it’s a lot of you out there and I hate you!!
Me, my friends, family and women I DON’T even know use to date you!!
Eve said it best in her song “Love is Blind”!!
Instead of a man being a protector he’d rather whoop a woman’s behind!!
But I can’t blame us for your insecurities;
beating on women is not just hereditary IT’S a DISEASE!!
Not only have I gone through this myself;
bruises, bumps and even welts.
 Let’s not forget the name calling and tearing down my self-esteem;
raping me, degrading me, treating me as if I wasn’t part of your team.
Now I have a family member whose name I won’t mention,
but no MATTER how much I talk to her she just won’t listen.
She’s had a broken shoulder, black eyes, and teeth knocked out.
I know LOVE IS BLIND, but she needs to find a way out!
It will only get worse before it gets better.
He can only be in control if you let him!!
Now enough about her let’s talk about me
I was in the same situation you see.
I can remember, yes I can recall
the first time you pushed me and my head smacked the wall!
I ran into the bathroom and locked the door fast,
just praying to God your anger would soon pass.
I don’t know what I did to make you so mad,
I just know you apologized, said sorry and again I was glad.
 I got pregnant then after the fact, we got married
but due to emotional abuse, our baby I could no longer carry.
You could no longer hide your demons inside
the true “you” was revealed. I could see it in your eyes!
I remember the night you said, “God told me to send you home”
as you played with your knife I felt so alone!
My daughter in her room wouldn’t hear me scream as she slept
I thought surely after me, she would be next so I wept.
I begged for my life, and the life of my child,
surely if I die who would help and keep her alive?
I took the punches and begged until I was unconscious
I can’t even write anymore. I’m feeling so nauseous.