Love & DIVORCE: Excerpt from Upcoming Book!

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Within the first year of us living together and marrying, I lost about 20 lbs. Now that I think about it, my grandma tried to get me to see the red flags; alluding to the fact that the weight loss signified that there was stress in my relationship long before I said “I do”. Like so many other women, my rose colored glasses just didn’t allow me to see the shit before I stepped in it. Truth is I really wanted to be married. Perhaps I was in love with the idea of being in love. That had to be the bulk of the reason because today, I wouldn’t even hold a conversation with a man who was doing the things “Jackase” was doing at the time, much less marry him. I knew before we walked down the aisle that he was capable of lying, cheating and calling me out of my name. I knew before we exchanged vows that there would be nights that he wouldn’t come home or answer my calls. I knew I was signing up for night after night of sitting by my window waiting to recognize familiar headlights. I knew all of these things yet I married him anyway. I saw all of these red flags but charged ahead.  I was convinced that the devil was against me but I was stronger and would win in the end.



This is an unedited excerpt from Shemeka Michelle’s upcoming book! “Keep it NAKED!” is an aggressive self-help book based on her real life experiences.  This book doesn’t just rattle off advice. It takes you on a journey; honestly discussing topics from relationships & parenting to religion & divorce. Shemeka Michelle believes we all have the power to live life authentically but only if you…… Keep it NAKED!

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