Guest Blogger
As I walk up the stairs (mumbling a lot of not so nice words) with an arm full of laundry I realize that I created this monster.  I can’t be mad at anyone but me (sigh)..but temporarily everyone in the sound of my voice will feel as though it is them….lol
My child just walked down the stairs to the laundry room to get 1 pair of undies…..seriously……. 1???? Now considering his clothes are neatly stacked and folded you would have thought he would have grabbed them all but nooooooooo he grabbed ONE and walked back up the stairs as if all was good…mission accomplished……smh…hold on a minute PARTNER!!!
STOP the PRESS!!!! News FLASH!!!! THIS IS NOT COOL!!…NOT OK!!!!  Why would you put the effort in to only retrieve 1 item to ultimately have to do this all over again tomorrow????
I realized he felt as though I was the slack one…….10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1…
NO, I did not knock him into next week….but I did realize after a little dialogue that it was apparently my kind acts of bringing his stacks of clothes to his room and sometimes hanging and putting away that was looked at as a task that belonged to me….but why???
I never asked him to do it and I assumed if he saw them piling up and saw me bringing them up by the arm loads he would take the initiative and grab the entire stack oppose to one item.  HA!!!! Who am I fooling!! No one else in the house is doing but momma why should he????
Relax….Re-evaluate, restructure task!!!  I understand that maybe I did not make this task apart of any chores anyone was responsible for but me….BUT THAT IS GONNA CHANGE!!!!  MOMMA needs some help and no better time like the present to start….Let’s GO!!!
It’s never too late to make some LONG overdue changes in our daily routine to help make things better for us all.  Team work makes a less stressed mom and a happier house….at least until the next issue….AGHHHH