Let’s get #Naked about mental health

Hey, just wanted to let you know, if you’re depressed, suffer from chronic depression, or just going through a depressing situation…know that I’m here, and I am encouraging you to speak up. How do we get people to understand, and maybe a little understanding ourselves?  We have to become more transparent.

Yes, person in the back, with the ferociously nerve wrecking anxiety depression combo, who wrestles with giving your opinion; because you have multiple prospectives on issues, and you wonder about your significance from time to time, and you know there are people who read what you say, and they are, umm, people.. (exhales…) I hear you. But, it has to be done.

Yes, it is a daily fight, and it does get tiresome at times. But, it is necessary for that fight to continue. It only gets the spotlight when it’s too late. It was too late 10, 20, 30 years ago. We should have been having open conversations about mental health as long ad conflict and war has been in existence. (Vietnam, WWII, etc.). And, I am not excluding mental health to veterans. There is a common misconception that PTSD is reserved for those in the military, which is completely not true.

This is why we need more communication and revelation.

You, HAVE and WILL, deal with the, “What You Should Do Is..” people. They come fully caped, superhero mode. Major I’ve Got This, “can’t relate in any sense of the word..” (or won’t admit it), has gotten diagnosed you, got the anecdote (no I didn’t mean antidote), all before you can tell them what your issue actually is. And when they’re done, you should be there you are standing on the ground, waving towards the sky, as they fly off into the horizon, having full knowledge that they have solved all of your problems.

Another caped crusader, that you, HAVE and WILL, have to deal with, Captain Condescending. This one comes freshly smug, with a “you’ll be alright..” in their utility belt, and a “IRDGAF” in their step. These people, don’t usually get too, close. But, just close enough to know your business, to offer you a pat on the back, “you’ll be alright,” and wander off judging you in their head, and talking absolute trash about you to other people. Not realizing, that you can feel their vibe, like nails on a chalkboard.

It’s ok, what you have to say isn’t for people who don’t want to understand. What you have to say is for people who can relate to you, may need to see/hear that they’re not alone, and get the motivation to go on another day.

And if it’s any motivation for you.. To be honest, I really wasn’t doing this one for you.  I was really talking to me. How’s that for being #Naked..