Let the church say AMEN!

~Shemeka Michelle
Hear ye Hear ye! To all of you Christians feeling like you have arrived and deserve front row seats on the ride to heaven, here’s a special request, PLEASE MOVE TO THE BACK OF THE BUS!
You have failed to effectively spread the gospel of Jesus. Instead of being a body that unifies God’s children, you have become modern day Pharisees upholding your own agenda while masquerading as Disciples of Christ. Because light dispels darkness, I wish to bring attention to some of the things that I believe perpetuates the false sense of righteousness in many.
Pastor, why is your face on business cards, fliers, posters and billboards? Jesus said “if I be lifted up, I’ll draw all men unto me”. However I continuously see self-promotion when THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU!! Also, Jesus was the greatest servant of all. Yet many of you continuously look for ways to be served which is nothing but a DISSERVICE to the body of Christ! Many of you have scattered God’s sheep and are no different than the serpent in the Garden of Eden who twisted the words of God for his own personal gain. While you continue to grin your way into popularity, God is pushed into obscurity and the members of your congregation continue to be sick, broke and depressed!
Instead of focusing on being the called out ones, the church has become a religious system that continues to stand in the way of God. More focus is put on the actual building than the people in the building.
Perhaps even as you read this you stand in fear of going straight to hell because the church continues to train people to be circus clowns who feel the need to jump through hoops to get God’s attention. Therefore the truth that many claimed would make you free has left you feeling bound and desolate. Why is this?
I recently learned I was unfriended on social media by some Christians who found some of my language offensive. Can someone please tell me how shit, ass, fuck, ho or damn compares to the manner of evil that you overzealous hellions speak on a consistent basis? If you truly believed life and death was in the power of the tongue, watching what YOU say would not be limited to so called curse words and your edification of God’s people would not be limited to Sundays!
You have been consistent in gaining knowledge but in thy getting failed to get an understanding.
News Flash: I know you feel like you have cornered the market on spirituality. Perhaps you know for sure that you deserve front row seats on the ride to heaven, once again here’s a major announcement, GET YOUR ASS TO THE BACK OF THE BUS!
NOW UNFRIEND THAT and let the church say AMEN!