It is Finished….. Or is it?

~Shemeka Michelle
Although the church has evolved over the years; adding drums, dance, mime, and casual dress, has the church left Jesus on the cross preaching a message of an unfinished work?
Jesus is believed by many to be the Lamb of God slain for our sins. His death on the cross was the ultimate sacrifice. He himself uttered “it is finished”. Yet in many churches today, people continue to be held in bondage taught to believe that they have to do certain things to appease God. It almost seems as if the death and resurrection wasn’t complete.  “Give me that old time religion.” How old? Sacrificing bullocks old? So what exactly does that statement mean?
Do you think the church uses religion as a means of bondage and control? If God’s love for us is dependent upon how much we attend church, whether or not we sing in the choir, what we wear to church or how hard we clap our hands, is the church sending a contradictory message? If we truly believe Jesus is all we need, why do so many churches continue to send the message that His death and resurrection was not enough?