I’m Not 20 Years Old Anymore and My How Things Have Changed!

~Shemeka Michelle Shemeka(purple)


The older I get the more things seem to change. Things that concerned me when I was twenty years old are no longer a priority. There are also some things that I overlooked at twenty that I can NOT ignore now.


At 20 I cared about the shoes a man wore. Now I care more about whether or not he walks with integrity.

At 20 I loved a pair of jeans that made my butt look phat. Now I just want a pair that doesn’t make my butt look FLAT!

At 20 I wanted a man that made me laugh. Now I want one that doesn’t make me cry!

At 20 I wanted a man that knew about God. Now I want one that knows he’s an expression of God.

At 20 I was flattered if a man complimented my body. Now I’m impressed when he’s intrigued by my mind.

At 20 I brushed my teeth because I knew that’s what you’re supposed to do. A new reason has been added…..trying to keep my teeth! Lol

At 20 if a man used a lot of slang and broken English, I thought he was cool. Now if he uses a lot of slang, I’m turned off by his limited vocabulary.

At 20 I wanted a man with “good hair”. Now I want a man with a good head on his shoulders!

At 20 I could buy a bra from anywhere that sold them. However, after breastfeeding three children, the bra has to be designed to give the illusion that I actually have something other than two socks with rocks in the bottom.

At 20 I wanted to walk and have my ass shake like my mama’s. Now I desperately need to squat because my ass shakes too much.

At 20 I cared about having a lot of friends. Now I only care about having GENUINE friends even if it’s only a few.

At 20 I cared about being liked. Today, I only want people to see me as being authentic even if they hate me.


In a few weeks, I’ll be 41 years old. This fortieth year has taught me so many things about myself and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead. I no longer fear getting older (although I don’t want to age to the point where I’m wearing thick heels and my feet looked like baked bread). I see older women living it up; aging like fine wine. So to my women 39 and under, be patient. It only gets better.  The best is yet to come!




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