If Honesty is the Best Policy, Why Does the Truth Hurt?

NG Social Contributor: Kenita Stubbs

Sad Teenage Girl

I was raised to never lie! I was taught that honesty is the best policy, so why does the truth hurt so badly? We want the truth but the question really is “CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH?” Sometimes I find out things that I really feel as if I was better off not knowing because some truths are just too painful!
But what happens when it’s your turn to be honest? Knowing what you have to tell someone will hurt them, cause confusion and a lifetime of friction. I would love to know how to effectively be honest with someone I love. Although I have been very hurt by this person on several occasions, I still have reservations about the things I have to express. My concern is not even my pain I’ve endured but the pain of what the truth may cause. I would not be REAL nor would I be keeping it NAKED if I kept the truth buried. I know I normally express myself differently when I blog but I’m considering feelings of someone that I feel has been walking over mine.

I could give the perfect advice if someone was in this position and deep down I know what I need to do! Eventually I will but yet I still find myself procrastinating In fear of the outcome. I was angry and eager and ready at one point but as time pass my mind and heart has me hemmed up and at a standstill. I know I’ll find the strength because it has to be done although the question remains…… if honesty is the best policy why does the truth hurt?