I Was Willing to KILL for A Man That Didn’t Want Me!



She ranted that I should never pull a gun without using it. She also said if she pulled out her gun, she definitely would! As she continued to make threats, I thought to myself “I have to kill her BEFORE she kills me”! With a gun in my pocket and my finger on the trigger, I was prepared to do just that. As she went to pull her arms from inside her coat, I fired the gun; intending to be the last woMAN standing!

I fired the small silver .22 into a group of 5-6 females but missed the target. As she dropped to the ground at my feet, I held the gun to her head and pulled the trigger! As fate would have it, we had a few seconds of silence. As I held the gun to her head, we realized that although I had pulled the trigger, the gun was jammed….

It may sound like a scene from a movie but it’s a true story.

I recently read a piece penned by Sylvia Snowden. It’s a great read so please check it out…  http://www.chicagonow.com/six-brown-chicks-media/2016/06/are-we-raising-our-girls-to-kill-over-boys/ While reading it, I couldn’t help but remember when I was the young girl that was willing to kill over a boy. I was willing to kill for a man that didn’t want me and would never really be mine.

Thankfully my story does not have a tragic ending. However, many young girls are losing their lives over this same foolish behavior. Many grown women can’t see the problem or step in to help because they are fighting in their own love triangles.  I just recently heard of women in their 30’s fighting in a local club over a man. Obviously at 18 years old I was young and dumb. But, why do grown women think this is acceptable behavior?

Why do women have the need and possess so much anger and bitterness that they are willing to pulverize another woman for a man who obviously doesn’t REALLY want either of them?

Many of us take pride in giving our children advice but we are failing to teach them proper conflict resolution skills. We are also failing to give our girls womanly advice and then set a proper example. We are not teaching them how precious life is and we continue to exalt an attitude of ghetto fabulousness. We aren’t telling them that any male willing to intentionally put them at odds with another female is a male that’s not worth having. We need to make our young girls understand that you NEVER have to fight over a man that really wants to be with you.

Our kids are literally DYING to make World Star and comprising their integrity and self worth for social media likes! However, we continue to SLEEP as we post and share fights of our own acting like untamed gorillas!

Sisters, please remember that young ladies look more at what we do than what we say. My heart goes out to moms and dads that are burying their daughters. My heart also goes out to the young ladies that haven’t figured out there’s another way. I was lucky to have another chance but this may not be your story. Take the boxing gloves off and realize now that NO man is EVER worth fighting, losing life or living behind bars over. Grown women, grow the hell up, talk to these young girls and better than that, LIVE BY EXAMPLE!




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