I Miss Using the Word RETARDED

In one week, we’ve been urged to boycott the NFL, Morgan Freeman and Roseanne. The problem is I like Roseanne. I’m sick of the #MeToo movement, and I don’t care much about football. Apparently, the United States is populated with a bunch of whiny ass crybabies! Perhaps I stand alone, but I miss the days of old. I miss the days in school sports and activities when you were actually cut from the team if you didn’t meet certain standards. There were no participation trophies given at awards time, and overbearing moms couldn’t threaten the school with lawsuits when their child wasn’t chosen. I also miss the days when after a good game of tug-of-war, the team of kids that didn’t win, were considered LOSERS! They weren’t referred to as the team that came in 2nd place.

Growing up, my grandma always alluded to owning a gun. I would also watch my best friend’s father carry his shotgun in the house after coming from hunting. She and I were both bullied as children for being too dark, our lips being too big or our hair being too nappy. Neither one of us ever sought to steal the guns in our homes to shoot up the school.


We are raising a society of weak, wussy ass individuals who cry and complain at the drop of a dime. Cyber bullying?? How in the hell do we have kids ready to take their own lives because someone on the other side of the world thinks their nose is too big? What kind of spineless, I didn’t learn how to tie my shoes until I was 8 type of bullshit is that? The kids that wore Pull-Ups at 4 years of age are the ones shooting up the schools!  These are the same kids that were allowed to throw tantrums in the checkout line in the grocery store. These tantrums were all over an un-purchased pack of Skittles. These are the Timmy go to timeout kids. If you feel there’s any racial implication in that statement, FUCK YOU!


While I agree there is a need for sensitivity in some instances, this country seems to be in sensitivity overload. Everyone is racist or sexist. Men can barely speak to women without being accused of sexual harassment. Any insult to a minority from a Caucasian automatically makes them racist. If you denounce Christ, Christians take to social media for a virtual stoning. Denounce Islam, and prepare for a virtual beheading. I won’t even start with the gays.  Actually, I’ve probably just broken rule no. 2,342 in the homosexual handbook by calling them gay.

Day after day, I see millions of people barking about Donald Trump being too outspoken, John McCain being too old, Hillary Clinton being too incompetent and Bill Clinton being too……sexually repressed? If you feel there’s any political party affiliation implication in that statement, FUCK YOU!

Bring back the days when we didn’t feel the need to pacify fat people by calling them full figured or fluffy. They were just fat, and retarded people rode the short bus.


~Shemeka Michelle


P.S If you feel there’s any implication to me being a jerk by this article, FUCK YOU!