I got that hydro!!!

Hydro_lettuceNGSC: TamiNique
Over time I have come to the conclusion that in order to live a long and healthy life, you have to eat foods that are alive.  So I have decided to purposely eat more fruits and vegetables.  I am, always have been, and will most likely continue to be a big meat eater!  That probably won’t change, but the least I can do is increase my intake of what most deem to be healthier food options.
The other day when I went grocery shopping I bought some lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes to make a salad.  When I thought about it I said to myself, “Self, you can grow this food yourself and save you some money, and it will taste better too”.  Needless to say, I listened to myself.  So, I just started me a miniature hydro-garden.  For those of you who don’t know what it is, my plants are being grown in water.  I may transition into soil and outside once the weather warms up.  But anywho, I just started up my garden with the hearts of the lettuce that I bought.  I did buy a variety pack, so I have 3 different types:  Petite Oak, Gem and Tango.  I had no idea what they were until I looked them up.  All I knew was the more colorful the food, the healthier it is…So there it is, I have salad growing right in my kitchen window anytime I need a little something to eat.
I have tried my hand at gardening before and I found that it takes a lot of dedication to really have good plant growth.  I will try to do better this time around, because the first time…Well, see what had happened was…Umm, okay my plants died a slow death!  But I promise I’ll make up for the torture that they endured.  I’ll even track the progress and make some tutorials for you guys that want to try it yourself.  “A rainbow a day keeps the doctor away” is my philosophy, so I will continue to eat more colorful daily and I encourage you to do the same!!!