I Don’t Hate White People but I’m BLACK and I’m PROUD!

~Shemeka Michelle



I could easily say “I’m sick of white people” but that’s not necessarily true. I am however sick of many of their views on racism and white privilege. I believe if they would just acknowledge that it DOES exist and plays a major role in many of the injustices towards blacks, we could begin to move forward and start to heal collectively. Yes, I am not a slave….my ancestors were. Yes, my dear white friends, you were not slave masters, your ancestors were.  WE ALL GET THAT! However, blacks (especially in America) have been systematically set up to fail. Although there are many that succeed (most of the time only with help from whites), this is not the case on a grand scale.

If I hear one more white person say “I don’t see color”, I think I might scream. YES YOU DO!! Unless you’re color blind, that statement is a complete lie and I am one black person that’s sick of hearing that bullshit. I am black and even I see color. I can see the difference between a light skinned black and blue black. I can see the difference between a pale Caucasian redhead and one with tanned olive skin. So just stop with the foolishness! You can most definitely see that my skin is a different color than yours. The key here for all of us is not to mistreat each other based on the color of our skin. However, I don’t mind being seen as a beautiful black woman because that’s what I am. Yes, I’m a woman but I don’t feel slighted because I’m black or think that being black is a negative quality that needs to be overlooked.

The fact that I want other black people to be just as proud of who they are; in the skin they are in does not mean I hate whites. The fact that I call white people (actually anyone) on their bullshit and feel a sense of enjoyment when others do the same does not make me racist. It makes me observant and not afraid to speak my mind. It makes me an advocate for truth and an enemy to anyone that feels that white privilege should be used as a means to mistreat other races or cultures. It means I’m not stupid or ignorant to things that are going on in America and neither are most people so let’s just stop playing these silly games. We ALL see it but either you don’t care or you think pretending like it doesn’t exist because you have black friends will make the problem go away. It won’t! Actually, your black friends should be the ones that you’re able to have the hard or even heart to heart conversations with.  They shouldn’t simply be pawns likened to down low men marrying women just to prove they aren’t gay.

It’s okay to see me as black. It’s okay to see that I have dark skin, full lips and nappy hair. We can acknowledge the difference of skin color just like we acknowledge any other differences. I have bowlegs. Some people don’t. I am slim. Some people are fat. I am said to be tall for a woman. Some women are short. My differences don’t make me less than or superior. Our differences make us DIFFERENT and that’s quite okay. To see me is to see ALL of me. To love me is to love ALL of me. POINT BLANK PERIOD!




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