I challenge YOU!!!

Guest Blogger
I was challenged to lose10 pounds in 90 days.  In my mind that seemed reasonable and indeed a challenge I needed to meet and felt I could accomplish.  In the next sentence of this conversation I was asked to post a public video of my beginning weight.  HOLD UP!!!!!  You want me to do WHAT??? And make it PUBLIC????  OK, maybe I need to reconsider this challenge?
Traditionally, women are VERY critical of our bodies and LORD KNOWS our weight!!!  HOWEVER, if I can inspire one person to take this challenge to change their weight AND meet some goals…..Proudly I will stand on the scale and publically do my initial weigh in….which by the way I find myself at an all-time HIGH weight and so imagine how on FIYAH (FIRE…for those proper people) this challenge is setting me up for.
Despite being up for the challenge, anyone that knows me KNOWS how sensitive I am about my weight and for me to post will DEFINITELY be the first hurdle for me.  However if NaTonjo is really keeping it Naked I have to start by not making excuses and putting myself in position to achieve some results.
Now after all the conversations I am sure my weigh in will impose you bet I’m going to stay on plan and meet this goal cause I KNOW somebody is keeping tally.  Nevertheless, I am still on task for KEEPING FORTY FABULOUS and my plans to maintain this status begins with the Body by Vi Challenge.
The Body by Vi Challenge is the leading platform for weight-loss and fitness results, making it fun and easy to set and achieve a 90-day goal.
As you are stopping by for your daily dose of nakedness be on alert for my public weigh in and follow my progression.  If you too are interested in the challenge visit my page….. http://natonjodreher.bodybyvi.com/.
I look forward to seeing you on the other side of the 90 day challenge at least 10 pounds lighter.
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