How to Keep Your Woman from Cheating!

Have you ever been cheated on? Most people have no problem saying they have been wronged. However, many people won’t admit that they’ve cheated. Well I admit that I’m not perfect. I’ve cheated! I’ll also admit that I cheated because I was insecure. Of course I could go into a lot of detail to try and justify it but the bottom line is that I was insecure about SOMETHING!  What I have also realized though is that I ALWAYS gave a warning first.  This is real advice for a man or woman. However as a woman, I have to speak to the men to let them know to please, please, please listen to your woman. Most women are emotionally open and all you have to do to know what’s on in her mind is to REALLY listen to her.

This is what I know; even the most confident woman will question herself every now and then especially if you give her reason to. Does that mean she will automatically cheat? Not at all! Cheating is still a choice and it doesn’t happen by accident. If a woman isn’t feeling her best but she loves you, she will always give you the first opportunity to tell her she’s tripping (just don’t use that word). The key however is not to get offended when she shares feelings that make you uncomfortable. Don’t make her feel crazy and regret coming to you and DON’T BRUSH HER OFF! When a woman tells you she’s missing something, even if you just did that something yesterday, DO IT NOW! If she says she’s feeling unattractive, now is not the time to question and belittle her for feeling that way. If you’re still attracted to her, this is your chance to tell her. If you did something to cause her to question your loyalty reassure her right now!

Say the right thing and you may not have to address the issue again or at least not for a while. It’s really that simple especially if she just happens to be a little off on her game. However, say the wrong things and you have just given her the bricks to build a wall built to keep your ass out! Of course women change and there are many factors that contribute to those changes. However, if you simply pay attention to your lady, she’ll tell you everything that she needs you to know about her.  As long as you provide a safe space for her to share, she’ll stay open with you. Once she doesn’t feel safe enough to be open with you, the relationship is in trouble.

Relationships are not as complicated as we make them out to be. Loving a woman shouldn’t be seen or equated to wrestling an alligator. Forming lasting bonds with each other have become a thing of the past because we lie too much and play too many games! We need to put the bullshit aside, stop lying and stop playing games.  In order to have lasting relationships, we MUST keep it naked and seek to really know one another.  We could learn a lot about our mate if we would just take the time to shut up and listen!