How NOT to Get Pregnant in 2019

~Shemeka Michelle

I was strongly compelled to write this memo on how not to get pregnant in 2019. Apparently, the women of today are morons and haven’t figured out how babies are made! Are you witnessing the great debate happening in America as I type? It’s the same arguments that’s been brewing for as long as I can remember. When is it a baby? When does it have rights? Who’s in charge of a woman’s body? Is it the government or the woman screaming as loudly as possible, “My body, my choice!”?

I think the choice should lie with the woman. The problem with that is, most of them are idiots. 

One would think that in 2019, women would be well versed in reproduction. With all of the talk from feminist about women being just as smart, or smarter than men, I would think that in 2019, women would be making better decisions. However, statistics show this is far from the truth for many women. Liberal White women are leading the charge to kill, kill, kill. However, Black women are 3 times more likely to abort their babies than White women. If fact, Black women abort more babies each year than are born alive.

With that being said, I thought it wise to remind women of how babies are born, and other methods of prevention instead of abortions being used as birth control.

Although there are many households that consist of two fathers or two mothers, it actually takes the sperm of a man to fertilize an egg from a woman. For women to prevent this from happening, one should consider the plethora of contraceptives available today. Many of these contraceptives, when used correctly, are more than 98% to 99% effective. Yet activist like Alyssa Milano are rallying the troops in an effort to help women continue to dodge responsibility and accountability.

“What about the responsibility and accountability of the man?” This is my blog and I’ll place the responsibility on the women if I want to!

 As a young lady, my mother would always tell me “Mother’s baby, daddy’s maybe.” I share this same philosophy with my three daughters. I need them to understand that the responsibility of raising a child could fall solely on their shoulders. Therefore, the responsibility of preventing pregnancy is up to them. It’s their body and their choice should always be to hold themselves in high esteem.

Many people believe it’s a waste of time to teach abstinence. However, this is also a proven method to prevent pregnancy. Women with blue hair, pink pussy hats, Congresswomen in hijabs or those that have a blaccent,  may dispute this fact. They’ll likely disagree with this entire blog and will try to convince you to do the same. They want you to believe that responsibility doesn’t matter because it’s only a mass of tissue that turns into a fetus not a baby. For them, all lives matter except unborn ones.

Ladies, it is in fact 2019. Thankfully, women’s rights have come a long way. Let’s start exercising our rights to make better decisions!