How 50 Cent Proved Vivica Fox Right!

~Shemeka Michelle



Recently on the hit Bravo show “Watch What Happens Live”, actress Vivica Fox made statements that insinuated that her ex-boyfriend; famous rapper and mogul Curtis 50 Cent Jackson may be gay. Social Media was in an uproar over a magazine cover that’s actually five years old. That cover photo along with various memes started to trend over the allegations in a matter of minutes. Although Soulja Boy and 50 Cent both “clapped back”, Vivica DOES have a VALID outlook on what most people seem to OVERLOOK. But, a 5-year old cover? It DEFINITELY looks suspect to me. So how did everyone miss it? The media has succeeded in such desensitization, that abnormalities are able to hide in plain sight going completely ignored!

Here are 3 reasons why Vivica’s perception may not be so wrong after all…..


  1. The Magazine Cover

Have you ever seen your grandfather posing in a picture standing on the ass of another man with his arm around him? This was something men just didn’t do. I myself didn’t notice the new trend of men being hugged up in photos until it was pointed out to me. As I begin to look at the body language of men in older pictures compared to men today, there has definitely been a shift. Are men just that affectionate towards one another in today’s time that it doesn’t at least FEEL awkward? What hidden imagery was this picture promoting? Say what you will, 50 Cent deflecting the attention by joking Vivica about plastic surgery and aging doesn’t change the fact that the picture looks feminine and manly men DO NOT pose like that!


  1. 50 Cent and Soulja Boy’s Response on Social Media

I wrote a blog a couple of months ago called “The Rise of The Effeminate ‘Straight’ Man” in which I mentioned that real men don’t argue or respond to women like a….WOMAN. The saying “hell hath no fury than a woman scorned” is not followed by “but men will act real bitch”. It’s not mentioned because there is a way (catty or not) that we expect women to behave. We used to expect men to act a certain way as well but many things have changed. People sat in wait especially for 50 Cent’s response because they knew he was going to go “in”. There’s nothing like a good CAT fight except when one of the participants is a MAN! Soulja’s response was expected because many men under the age of 30 throw frequent temper tantrums and all we do is turn a blind eye to this emasculated madness.

  1. Here’s where I sound like a Conspiracy Theorist…… A Secret Symbol!

Apparently other shots were taken during this photo shoot. In one of the photos, Soulja Boy is holding up his pointer finger. For this, I only ask you to do a few things…..a) think back to what Tupac said about Quincy Jones and others in Entertainment. b) Look at photos of Quincy Jones. c) Research sign language. Is it a coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. I’m not asserting that every man pointing in pictures is trying to send a homosexual message. We know many people are simply fad followers. However, I am saying that perhaps the controversial statements made by Public Enemy’s Professor Griff over the years are more valid than people gave him credit for. It’s definitely worth being observed.


So does Soulja Boy know whether or not 50 Cent’s chocolate melts in a mouth and not in the hand? Did 50 Cent take him to the Candy Shop? While 50 Cent has admitted that he likes to be tied up to have his booty hole licked (side eye), we may never really know. It’s hard to believe. However, Vivica’s opinion on what she perceives to be inappropriate or questionable behavior is completely justified. Like many of us, she remembers a time when certain behaviors were just unheard of from STRAIGHT men.