No More “What Ifs” about Your Ex, Time to Let Go of the Past

This was great Heather! I also find that many women myself included long for past relationships even if they weren’t so great. Still holding on to that fantasy of what could’ve been. Many times though it’s not even so much about the guy as it is about the time or era itself. For me I realized my fantasy wasn’t really about the guy but more so about the time in my life where I felt like I knew who I was, went after what I wanted and was really living life. He just happened to be the one I was involved with during the time I really liked myself. Therefore, my fantasy of him was really me wanting to get back to that person I use to be by trying to connect with people and things in my life during that time that were familiar. I had to realize that I was still that strong confident woman who needed to stop focusing on the past and march into my destiny!