He MADE me look!

hemademelookNGSC: Kenita Stubbs
“NO HOMO” I often heard my teenage son and his friends say. It would always follow a comment describing an outfit or nice shoes another male had on or when they referred to someone having swag. In other words they were giving a compliment without being mistaken for being gay.
Ladies, if you catch me staring at you, “no homo” but HE MADE ME LOOK!
After nights of my husband not coming home, trifling texts in his phone or conversations with women telling me they didn’t know my husband was married, I began to wonder what these women looked like and what he saw in them that he didn’t see in me. I didn’t have a face to match the voices. I never got to find out who the lucky lady was. The lady that was so sexy that she kept him from coming home to me and our children….. OUR FAMILY!
I often found myself in the grocery store or the mall, actually anywhere, noticing beautiful women with small waists, nice round asses, huge voluptuous breast, pretty long hair and flawless naturally pretty faces. I would think to myself “I wonder if that was her”. Could it have been the lady at the airport, our child’s teacher or the lady at the salon next door to mine?
I would look these women up and down and compare them to me. I would notice that they didn’t have dark circles around their eyes, a flat ass, uneven skin tone, belly fat, and wide hips! Who were these women and what made him continuously betray ME for THEM!?!?! As sick as it sounds, I even wondered if the nice sweet lady at the bank with the pretty light brown eyes was the voice that answered my husband’s phone which lead to a painful conversation who also asked me what I was doing calling HER man!
So to all of you beautiful, pretty, well-toned, flat stomach, apple bottomed, perfectly shaped women, I am not mad at you!! However, if you catch me staring just know that I am not hating nor am I gay….HE MADE ME LOOK!!!