He Left Me!!

August 25, 2014

NGSC: Kenita Stubbs

This time I am not speaking about the man. Though there is a lot to speak about when it comes to that man. I’m talking about my dad; a funny, smart, accomplished man who is a great husband and a wonderful grandfather…. just not to my kids. Why? Because he left me!

When I was a little girl my mother left him because of infidelity. He then moved away to another state, found a career, a loving wife and her son. My dad still communicated with me and my other brother that was also left behind. He also always gave us the option of living with him in another state but it was away from the only family we knew and were used to. Being that I wasn’t brave enough to leave my loved ones, I stayed here in Durham after he left. I visited him from time to time and I even considered moving with my dad. However, after being molested by my older step brother, the plan was obviously changed. Especially when nothing was done about it other than he being told “tell her you are sorry”. Although my dad went crazy when a long time family friend molested me (he even drove from one state to another with intentions of hurting the man) his stepson was not remanded at all!

Nevertheless, I loved and still love my dad until death but, it really hurts that he does not know my kid’s names or ages. In fact, if one of my kids walked up to him he would have no clue of who they were. To add fuel to the fire, I have the pleasure of seeing him brag and take pictures with his grandkids by his STEPson and see pictures of him which captions such as “grandpa is babysitting” as the child lays on his chest. I wish my kids could have experienced that love I see him share with others. I mean, my kids and I are his blood!! I’m not mad at my dad but these are feelings I’ve harbored for so long but never really expressed my feelings to him or anyone else. There were times when I was growing up that months and years would pass and I wouldn’t see or talk to my dad.  That never stopped me from praising him and bragging about him which made him feel like father of the year.I really craved more of him but I never received it because he left me!