HairTalk: Length Retention

NGSC:  Jamakah Webb

With the approximate 6 inches of hair we grow each year, protecting it from damage in order to retain length is inevitable. Our love of sleek and silky styles, ombré color, and spiky updo’s makes it hard to hold onto the incoming six. We dread the oh-so-important trims in fear of losing length. Truthfully those inches will leave, voluntarily or involuntarily.

The best remedy for healthy hair and length retention is a consistent regimen that works for your lifestyle and hair’s porosity level. Avoid damage to the scalp and hair’s cuticle by refraining from direct heat, chemicals, or friction from certain fabrics. Protect your hair from the environment and too much or too little protein or moisture. Don’t forget to wear low manipulation styles. These important facts seem to be the best way to keep the hair in an excellent condition. With proper cutting and trimming, the hair will maintain both shape and style, resulting in less tangling and breakage. Please note that there is no vitamin or product that can replace proper hair care. You will overspend if you chose to ignore this important key of information; products are heavily marketed to an intended audience for a quick sale. A consultation with a cosmetologist can accurately assess what condition your hair is in.

Schedule a visit with a reputable licensed hair stylist at least twice a year to stay informed on what your hair needs and what progress your home care is making.



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