Going Back to Africa? I Don’t Think So!

~Shemeka Michelle

Blacks were supposed to go back to Africa when Trump became president. Many racist whites even threatened to send us there. Two years later, most of us are still here, but race division is still going strong. “Keep it Black!” Recently, that’s what I was told by a fellow Black American. However, what exactly does that imply? I mean, I can’t change my skin tone, and although there are products on the market for bleaching, I WOULD NEVER! My hair is nappy and my lips are big. So do I really have a choice?

Most of the urges to stay Black are in opposition to my support of our president. I guess my political affiliation has some magical power to make me unBlack. Wait, what?  Apparently, it was more acceptable for me to vote for Obama because he was Black. It doesn’t matter that I believe President Trump’s public agenda aligns more with my personal values. He’s been accused of being racist. Therefore, I should disregard social issues that are important to me, and the potential economic advancement, even for Blacks, for the sake of keeping it black. Wait, what??

Blacks are always yapping about slavery, yet we seem to think we own each other.  You can have a gift or calling, but only if it’s reserved primarily for the enjoyment of Blacks. You can be smart, but it should be limited to Afrocentric knowledge. It’s okay to be successful, but not too successful. If that success appears to be at the hand of the White man’s support, you’re considered a coon, sellout or Uncle Tom. Black people will withhold their support, then act like territorial cry babies when it comes elsewhere.

I’m told to keep it black. Yet, I’m criticized for rejecting many traditional European ideologies by……you guessed it, BLACK people! SO WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU NIGGAS WANT FROM ME?

I don’t awake everyday wondering how I can be more African. I don’t rise in the morning concerned about what’s happening in Africa. I would indeed love to visit, but my home is in America. It’s my belief than I can know my history without being stuck in the past. Does this make me less Black? Does getting along with White people make me less Black? How do I guarantee that I stay Black?? I need an answer quickly! My blackness is fading as I type.  Should I buy expensive hair weaves, and trash my baby daddy? How should I hold on to my African roots? Should I dress in African garb and light an incense? Hurry! The boat to Africa is leaving and I haven’t purchased my ticket. Should I teach my children to live in fear, and accept being mediocre because they haven’t been afforded the same opportunities as others? Should I spend my days speaking on how the White man can’t be trusted? ANSWER ME! Many of these are negative stereotypes, but seriously, how can I stay down?

I love Black people, but if I have to exemplify behavior that defies my moral compass to prove my blackness, Blacks and any other race, can kiss my black ass! 

My ancestors may have been African and I honor that, but I’m not going back. I’m a Black American. I’m Black and I’m proud. Look closely! Nothing about me says otherwise. I think the notion that I could ever not be Black or forget that I’m Black is idiotic. I have no issue with being Black or being labeled as such. The argument will only come when one thinks that being Black solely defines who I am!