~Shemeka Michelle
I sat and listened to a story this morning that just pissed me off. Women, please remember men feel like they can abuse you because you let them!! It’s time to find your voice. Stop being doormats then looking around and wondering why someone walks all over you. If you don’t want to be stepped on…………get the hell up off the floor!
Although women front like they can just get theirs and bounce, sex complicates things let’s just be honest. There are times when we can walk away but when emotions are involved, sex only increases the intensity. Therefore, when you know the relationship is over, don’t lie to yourself with the punk ass women have needs too excuse. Yes women have needs but continuing to give him access to the sweet shop when you know he DOES NOT want you is only going to cause you more heartbreak.
Back to the case at hand…. This lady was married approximately eighteen years, her ex-husband brings home about EIGHTEEN THOUSAND dollars a month but she agreed (while in bed with him) to only accept sixteen hundred a month in child support/alimony! In the words of Tommy Strawn…. “Cole, you stupid”!!
Now we have all fallen victim to the Vitamin D but you CANNOT be so addicted to it that you sacrifice your self-worth or the well-being of you and your children! Why accept less than you deserve and then cry about it? I don’t care what your religious beliefs are. If he is not willing to be reasonable, you better “bash Mister’s head in (in court) and think about heaven later!” This is YOUR LIFE! YOU CONTROL YOUR DESTINY. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECIDE WHAT YOU WILL OR WILL NOT ACCEPT. This helpless victim role is NOT acceptable when you keep allowing yourself to be victimized. Stand up for YOURSELF and close your legs in the process! This “think like a man” bullshit will get your feelings all mucked up when it comes to sex. Women are receivers. Once men get up out of the bed we are the ones left there holding the baggage of emotions and the desire for more; forced to smile when our heart is breaking.
The bottom line is men will only do what you let them. Don’t get me wrong ladies, every man should not be labeled as a low life sack of shit but be honest with yourself about what you’re dealing with. If you were married to him over half of your life and he’s flying bitches to Paris while you’re struggling, CALL ME!! It’s not easy to regain your voice but you CAN DO IT! Take a stand and women please by all means GET YOUR LIFE!!!