Guest Blogger: The NAKED Gentleman


I often think about fountains and waterfalls; to the average man it’s just water pouring, yet in my mind’s eye, they are beautiful, fascinating sights to behold. To me, these two bodies of water are a representation of the intense release of energy; the constant flow of uninhibited current creating massive ripples without end.

As their water enters the mouth of a willing individual, an immediate sense of satisfaction comes forth to quench the intense heat and desire that yearns within a thirsty soul.  Tasting and drinking the flow is gratifying, yet my desire is to be at one with this constant flow of water in its entirety and all that makes it complete.

Emerged in its flow; drenched in its presence, closing my eyes as I go under, ecstasy of being within, loving the feeling of this water that has no end.



The NAKED Gentleman