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Hi Naked Guyz and Girlz,

We have not forgotten about you. We are doing more vlogging (video blogs) as some people don’t like to read. Who knew? If you are on Facebook, “like” and follow us for a daily dose of nakedness. We can also be found on Instagram and Twitter @TheNakedGirlz and on YouTube under NakedGirlzTV. This video is an example of what we’re up to. This video was in response to one of our other videos that received over one million views; generating more Real. Unhidden. Conversation! Most of the videos are on Facebook but recently we have been adding them to YouTube as well per our followers’ requests.

Writing is my passion so don’t worry, the blogs WILL keep coming. This notification is just in case you’re suffering from withdrawal from us and need to know where to get a fix (insert wicked grin here).



In the meantime….keep it Naked!