Ferguson Police Did Us ALL a Favor!

Friday, August 15, 2014

What’s the big deal that cops have decided to kill another black man? I don’t even understand what all the uproar is about. Mike Brown was just another useless nigger! There is no value in black life and we blacks as well as the rest of the world already know this as a fact! Ferguson police did us a favor of ridding the community of another black man who will probably create babies that he won’t take care of just creating more menaces to society!

 If this statement made you angry, ask yourself why we as a people accept black on black crime in our communities every day. We are like sleeping dogs that only arise when another race is involved. It’s almost as if we feel like its okay that we kill each other but if someone else kills our people, that’s just crossing the line! That sounds stupid but we as a people don’t stand up and social media doesn’t light up until innocent black men are killed by whites.

 The truth is, in many of our black communities, we are losing innocent young men all of the time. In some communities this is a daily occurrence. When will we get mad enough to protest, hold vigils and demand that we stop killing each other? When will we demand that everyone value black life? When will we go in just as hard on social media when a black man kills another black man just as we do when the murder is at the hands of the man? Blacks are being slaughtered each and every day by others of our very own race yet we sit around like a bunch of Uncle Toms whistling and turning a blind eye to the madness. Just like slaves, there is no uprising until we’re sick of Massah’s (Master’s) bullshit!

 The more we are tricked to believe we’ve overcome the more unaware we become to our own genocide. WAKE UP!! Society has its hand up our ass playing us like puppets! We are just a bunch of new age cotton pickers only speaking when we’re spoken to. The Mike Brown tragedy is just that, a tragedy. However, it’s nothing new. It’s the same shit just warmed over. Until we get and stay vigilant about the killings in our own communities by people of our OWN race, I would boldly declare that we REALLY don’t give a damn! All life including black lives are valuable but if we don’t care, why should anyone else?!?! Love of our people MUST start within our own community. Until we can do that all inconsistent protestors only looking for notoriety need to have SEVERAL seats!!!