Doin’ it in The Dark

~Shemeka Michelle
Women can be so insecure! I get it. I’ve been that “other woman” that couldn’t be trusted but I’ve also grown to realize not every woman is that way and they are not all out to get me! On a daily basis I watch females claw each other’s eyes out either in word or deed. I also however watch those that are so wounded and insecure, they constantly walk around in defense mode. Some even go to extremes; making up lies out of fear that someone would know and disapprove of their actual reality.
I recently had a coworker leave our company for another one. She lied to her supervisor (a female) as to why she was leaving. For over a month she has a reached out to me to offer me lies and dissertations packed with untruths. I’ll admit, initially I got a kick out of listening to her fantasy world and made up lifestyle. Then I just started to think her behavior was pathetic and it really started to irritate me that she thought my time and attention could be wasted on lies. I decided to put us both out of our misery. She could be free to live in her reality and I could stop shaking my head every time she left my presence. So I addressed her and guess what happened?? She continued to babble nonsense! It was as if she really believed what she was saying herself. I was astonished!
At the end of the day I learned a valuable lesson. You can shine the light of truth but it’s not up to you to make people walk in it. Those who want better do better. Those who do not, don’t. I can yell all day “let’s get naked” but some people still prefer to do it with their clothes on in the dark.