Do Women Still Feel This Way About Men?

Hey Lover,

“This is more than a crush.”

I love you. In fact, you are the love of my life. Never did we know that we would be here; looking into each other’s hearts and feeling at home. In you, I see my future, and I feel hope and security. You are my best friend. In a world full of “Good morning beautiful,” yours is the only one that simultaneously melts my heart and jump starts my day.

I can’t imagine another man touching me, kissing me, or making love to me. My heart would never reach out and wrap around his heart like it has yours, just as your heart has reached out and wrapped around mine. Everyday, my soul longs to be in the peace of your presence.

Anytime I’m angry with you, it’s never because you’re inadequate. My anger comes from the discomfort I feel when I desperately need to share the air you breathe.

You inspire me to be a better woman, because you deserve nothing less than the best. There are so many goals I want to accomplish and so many things I aspire to do in life. However, none of them stops the desire I also have to worship the ground you walk on.

I promise to always have your back. I promise to always be available to assist you in achieving your dreams. I promise to never leave you hungry; physically or emotionally. I will cook for you, rub your feet after a long day, listen to you, be your biggest cheerleader, and I will suck your dick on command. I will respect you and when you need silence in a loud world, I will be your peace.

You have my heart, and I will never leave you guessing where you stand in my life.

For those who have never experienced this, from the outside looking in, this sounds crazy but not crazier than the thought of living without you. In your presence, I feel completely safe and loved unconditionally.

You are truly my Superman!


Sincerely yours,

The Beautiful One