Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

My name is Deidre Mitchell, and I am federal employee, with the U. S. Attorneys Office in the Middle District of North Carolina. Right now, our office isn’t whole, because we’re missing parts of our family.  And to us, they are “essential personnel.”

We have been through weddings, graduations, retirements, and various other celebration. But, we have been there for one another, when times haven’t been the greatest. Personally, they were there for me when I lost the greatest person on earth to me, which was 3 years ago, as of last week. That was my dad. I received the greatest support from my coworkers. And since the day I interviewed there, walking through the elevator doors and saw the Department of Justice seal on the door and the carpet, I have believed it to be one of the greatest opportunities ever, only being surpassed by me becoming a United States Marine, almost 20 years ago.

You see, I’m sure there are many other stories like this, and more, throughout the country with the Department of Justice and other agencies.  But, the decision that you have made to cause a government shutdown for this wall, is very unacceptable and not the way to “Make America great again.” Federal workers are not the only people to be affected by this, and for every agency that has shutdown, it is crippling other citizens of this country as well.

If the people can’t receive much need food assistance. Then children of these families go to school hungry. Causing already low funded schools and teachers to help supplement what you have removed. In 2018, North Carolina Teacher’s ranked 37 in the country for pay. If teachers have to worry about everything else they do with students, to include children already coming to school barely fed, why would you allow them to be further strained by sending more kids to school without food? Not every person that is on government assistance, trying to misuse the program.

If air traffic controllers can’t work, what happens to your fastest mode of transportation? What happens to business when flights are halted? Do you realize what happens when and already stressed criminal justice system, when you don’t have sufficient personnel? Have you thought about what federal employees and the people will have to deal with? Loss of insurance and other benefits. Nonpayment of bills, rent/mortgage, car, essential things we need to live.

You didn’t choose to do something like this for Flint’s water. You didn’t choose to do this over children that are being kidnapped, and missing organs when found. You didn’t even choose to do this at any of the other borders or points of entry. And telling the people that it is imperative without proof, is not only an insult to our intelligence, but goes against everything you say you believe. If you truly believe you work for the American people, you can understand, without question, our need for proof and answers.

I’m speaking up as a Veteran, a Federal employee, and as an American. How dare you treat those who help “make this country great” as if we don’t matter. You can’t get passed this whole party exchange..”republicans are to blame..” “democrats are to blame..” YOU ALL ARE TO BLAME! You all forgot that you were in charge of not putting us into harms way. Yet we have to watch you all play with the American people, like some divorcing couple and we’re the kids in the middle. It’s not just a few hundred thousand federal employees who are out of work that you should just worry about. I would suggest you take a look at, ALL, of the people that you have overlooked, betrayed, and misused.

Semper Fidelis,

Deidre L. Mitchell