Dear Bitter Women, FATHER’S Day is for MEN!

I’m really sick of the debate on whether or not women should be celebrated and recognized on Father’s Day. I can’t for the life of me understand why there’s even a debate in the first place. Women that feel like they need to be honored on FATHER’S Day need to tuck their penises and sit the hell down! Shemeka Window

I’m not at all old fashioned but some of these new age women don’t know their fucking boundaries! I understand that you want to be equally respected. I have no problem that you want to feel like we as women are just as capable of doing certain things. I definitely agree with equal pay. However just because you are raising or raised a child without the help of a man doesn’t change the fact that you’re still a WOMAN! You’re a MOM and your national celebration day falls on the second Sunday every year in MAY!

Men you are not off the hook either. Here’s a bit of advice to you as well…. I saw many MITCHES (men that act like bitches) giving recognition to themselves on MOTHER’S day simply because they are the primary parent. Although Mother’s Day has passed, please remember next year, that is BITCHASSNESS! YOUR day no matter how much responsibility you hold is FATHER’S Day and YOUR national day of celebration and recognition falls on the third Sunday every year in JUNE.

My oldest daughter is nineteen years old and her biological Father has fallen short year after year. I honestly make no effort to remember him on Father’s day although I am very grateful for his sperm. I was also raised by a single mom who did a fantastic job raising a wonderful woman if I must say so myself. However the fact remains that she was NOT a Father and neither are the women lobbying to be recognized! There is no Hallmark card that could actually give a Fatherless child ANYTHING that would replace what they missed.

When it comes to raising children, any good parent does what needs to be done in the best interest of the child. Prior to getting married and gaining help, I never felt as if I deserved some type of medal for taking care of my child. I did and continue to do what needs to be done. If this isn’t your main focus, you actually don’t need to be celebrated at all on ANY day because you’re an egotistical, self centered sack of skin.

Women, instead of waddling in bitterness which seems to be serving as fuel for this foolish campaign, perhaps you should use this day for self reflection. After all, there’s a large number of women that are single moms because they chose a no good bastard in the first place. They had red flags and all the signs under heaven that pointed to DANGER. Instead of heeding the warnings, they flipped their legs behind their heads. Now, these same women want to steal a day that belongs to millions of decent men simply because THEY made bad choices.

I’m a daddy-less daughter but I don’t support women desiring to be honored on Father’s Day. Not even my mom. I’ll thank her for holding down the forte in spite of but I’ll be honoring the Father of my two youngest girls who also stepped in to Father my oldest daughter. I’ll celebrate my uncle who is a great dad. I’ll remember my deceased grandfather and all of the Father’s Day cookouts we shared. I’ll also salute other great men that I know are fantastic fathers.

Women, your day is coming and since I’ve been waiting to use this term …….. “Bitch where?” …..May 8th 2016!!


~Shemeka Michelle