Dead Beat Mom ! or ? (Part Two)

NGSC: Charissa Jones
Then in the 10th grade I got a phone call “Hey baby I’m coming today. I want you to come live with me” After all of these years you would think I would be mad but no, not me. I was still longing to experience that love I saw other girls receiving from their moms. This time SHE CAME! She talked to my dad and I was on my way…Oh HAPPY DAY!  NEGATIVE! As soon as we got to the top of the hill, she looked at me and said “baby, I have to go back to D.C. for a couple of weeks.  Is there a friend you can live with until I get back?” ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! Abandoned again! I have so many more situations like that but for the one that crushed me the most, we must Fast Forward to 2013. “Hey, look I know we have never been on the best of terms but I need you now more than ever. He tried to kill me last night and I can’t keep living like this especially since I am raising a little girl. She’s your grand daughter and she doesn’t have to live like this.  If you can’t do it for me please help us for her!” These were the words I uttered to her desperately needing her to be a real mom this time. She said “of course I will help you all. I’m on the way and don’t worry, you can leave everything behind!” FINALLY! IS CHARISSA ABOUT TO RECEIVE THE LOVE SHE HAS BEEN LONGING FOR? Will the void finally be filled? ABSOLUTELY NOT! The very next morning she said “This is not going to work. I need you to find a shelter for you and your daughter. Your brother’s dad wants to come back home and he likes to walk around in his boxers.”  With that said we were dropped off at the homeless shelter ABANDONED ONCE AGAIN!!