Dead Beat Mom ! or ? (Part One)

NGSC: Charissa Jones
578-92-… social security # will always be a constant reminder of where I come from and how I was abandoned by the lady that had me!!! . I cannot remember any details about the first couple of years of my life except the fact that I LOVED Go-Go music; just something about the beat drove me crazy!  I do remember coming to Durham to live with my Dad and my Grandmother. “Well baby you may as well go to bed. I don’t think she’s coming back tonight” is what my grandmother said to me for almost 3 years before she finally just said “look baby, she may never comeback.  Just know your dad and mama love you to death and we would never leave you!”  Although I had more than enough love, something just didn’t feel right. I hated seeing other little girls with their moms. As a matter of fact I grew up hating all little girls ESPECIALLY if you had a mom.  If you had a good relationship with your mom, WHEW I COULDN’T STAND YOUR BUTT with a passion!!!  I can recall receiving a phone call when I was in the 6th grade “Hey baby it’s your mother I miss you so much and I’m coming to see you.” Oh my God, YES YES YES she does love me. She’s coming back for me.  In your face self-esteem! I remember running back and forth to the door, peeping out the window and checking the phone for a dial tone. That was all FOR NOTHING! She never came but I never gave up! Instead of getting upset with her, I chose to not deal with any females. All of my friends were boys or female family members. I remember saying “when I grow up I’m having all boys.”
Stay tuned for part two to see how this all plays out.