DAMN! MY SISTER’S GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Disclaimer: This blog was written by my daughter who is only 10 years old. Although I don’t condone cursing, I let her type and release her true feelings as I know that writing is therapeutic for me. I allowed her to express herself so we can accept what is and move forward as a family. These are her words (I made no corrections although it needed it. :-)). I only removed full names. She asked me to publish it so I did.


Do you think that GAYNESS is okay? If you do too bad because I DON’T! Honestly I think that people should be able to express who they really are but when it comes to my family members oh HELL NAW! I don’t give a fuck if it’s someone else’s sister but if it’s MINE I’m going to do something bout it! I’m writing this blog to tell you how I feel about GAYNESS so I’m about too.

The thought of being a girl with a girl is sickening. If you’re gay and reading this then I’m so sorry but I have to speak my mind. I’m so so so so disturbed. I mean it’s ok to be who you are but don’t come up in my face talking about gayness!

Okay,now to the good stuff;my sister is a very feminine woman in her own  way. Although she does find women to be attractive. She said “If I wasn’t in a relationship I would say yes to a girl” (her words not mine). DON’T hide who you really are but in my opinion I’d rather be a GIRL with a BOY. JUST SAYIN!

I mean we gave her such a good life. Maybe it’s the fact that she grew up with too many women. She grew up with my mom, my nana, and my great-grandma soon my sister and I joined the party. Was that the reason she got off track!?

 This wonderful blog that you just read was inspired by my sister, her ex, and my mom who also wrote a blog about this topic. To read my mom’s look at the link below. Once again I’m not here to judge so be who you are and as always keep it NAKED!


Written by: Kelyse  (Shemeka’s daughter)


Read the referenced blog here: http://www.chicagonow.com/six-brown-chicks/2015/05/my-daughter-is-a-lesbian-and-im-heartbroken/