Cut the crap! Who are you trying to convince?!?!

NGSC: Kenita Stubbs

maskWhen all else fails, instead of owning up to your bullshit, you take the easy way out and search for sympathy, pretend to be victimized, use past trials and burdens to compensate for your truth! While you may draw some people to entertain your insecurities and have them play the violins while you sing your self-made personal Negro spiritual, I’m snatching the microphone and scratching the record and I want you to stop singing that same redundant song!!! I’m asking you to please CUT THE CRAP! Who are you trying to convince?
For a long and I mean very long time I have been allowing some of the same people to blow the same smoke up my ass! Being that I still have this same wide flat black ass and is far from looking like “TRINA” and I don’t have a “ass so big like the sun”, I won’t allow it anymore!
Do I need to buy a t-shirt so that everyone can see my decision? Should I find Instagram posts that state my claim? Need I make it my Facebook status in hopes of gaining comments to back my decision?
No thank you, I don’t desire validation from others!
WE use so many excuses to cripple the process of successfully maturing. I feel growth comes from making mistakes and then correcting them without searching for something or someone else to blame. I also feel everything is not a mistake and we all make or have made poor choices. So why not cut the crap, own up, admit, accept and move on! Convince YOURSELF! You be the judge of you! There is no one else to blame for the outcome of your circumstances! Validation from others should not define your true character. So with that being said, I would like to list a few things we don’t have to prove to others.

  1. “Girl, I’m leaving him” When you are done, be done with it. You know when you have had enough! He is not making a fool of you, YOU are!
  2. “I keep it real” Stop lying! Who are you trying to convince? Telling everyone’s business and cleaning it up by “calling it how I see it” is not keeping it real, it’s being a two faced gossiping undercover shit starter.


  1. “I’m working on me” If you have to continuously make this known verbally, I feel as if you are using this statement to take the place of owning up to the negative things you do and have done to others. A cop out at its finest!

A few more are

…..I have your back, I’ve changed, you can trust me, representing the new me, You can tell me I won’t say nothing and I’m a real friend. All of these statements require actions! However, the decision to carry them out is totally up to you. In my opinion, it is better to show growth and allow change to be noticed and not heard. Stop explaining, complaining and making excuses. Be true to who you are, no matter who you are. Cut the crap and run more of your life than your mouth…. I’m convinced, so who are you trying to convince?!?!