Can You Handle My Naked Thoughts???

Guest Blogger: The Naked Gentleman female-silouette-free-silhouette-the-83994


I desire to make your insides glow as a storm is brewin’ outside; as two bodies hungry for serious sensuality. All of my senses are heightened and cravin’ the sight, touch, taste, smell, and sounds of a woman who I am completely in-tuned to pleasuring my every nerve-ending. You ready?

Allow my fingertips to graze every inch
of your silky brown skin, starting with your face and hair, and moving all the way to your toes, and then back up to your luscious sweet treasure.

Oh how I desire to gently kiss your lips, neck and work my way down to your nipples, your stomach, your thighs, and then to the most sensitive part of your sweet treasure. I desire the instrument that is housed in my mouth to play and sensually suck on both sets of your lips.

I want to smell your natural feminine scent, and taste your mouth – both before and after I feast on your succulent juices.
I want to hear your moans of pleasure as you feel power in making my body writhe. I want you to hear the sounds of my manhood as it plunges your treasure, massaging and expanding your tender and engorged walls.

I desire to see your face as I take pride in watching what you do to me. I desire to look into your bright beautiful eyes as I make you explode; your juices gushing all over my succulent chocolate manhood.
Think you could handle that?



-The Naked Gentlemen