Cam Newton Lost SB50 but Beyoncé Dabbed On ‘Em!

~Shemeka Michelle

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He threw a perfect pass and….. TOUCHDOWN! Dab on ‘em! Cameron Newton, the 26 year old Quarterback for the Carolina Panthers had an amazing season. However, he or shall I say the TEAM wasn’t able to bring the state a Super Bowl victory and it seems like Cam just can’t win for losing (no pun intended).

All year I watched him face criticism for just about anything. I’ve heard “He celebrates too much”, “Why doesn’t he give footballs to black children?”, “what type of pants are those?”, “Why is he wearing socks with sandals?” to most recently “Why did he leave the interview? If he can’t handle losing, he doesn’t deserve to win”.

On behalf of Cameron Newton, all of you self righteous assholes just SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

Personally, I wanted the Carolina Panthers to win although I honestly don’t care about a Super Bowl. I wanted them to win simply because I’m prejudiced. Not many people will admit that but I keep it Naked.  I wanted to see this young (and quite sexy might I add) black man take it all the way to the top! Why? Because so many said he couldn’t do it and it had nothing to do with his athletic ability. Let’s be honest, many people hated on Cameron Newton simply because he’s black! Many writhed at the thought of a black man doing anything other than living a life full of sex and drugs or being shot down in the street.

Their desire to control him right down to his emotions is only a 13th amendment away from slavery. Many people called him arrogant for celebrating during his victories. What they were really saying was “how dare this nigger celebrate”.  Now they are criticizing him for walking away during the post game interview. “How dare this nigger be disappointed”!!   Even blacks are hopping on the “that nigger should’ve stayed in his place” bandwagon. Only those who like to pretend like they’ve never had to arrive because they’ve always been there will act like they’ve always had couth (look it up). I was once 26 years old and I clearly remember being overwhelmed by life (football is his career, what he loves and a huge part of his life). I applaud Cam Newton for walking away. I just wish he would’ve dabbed on ‘em before he did!

Beyoncé on the other hand gave my prejudiced ass something to smile about. She marched on that field with women wearing afros, dressed in all black for Super Bowl 50! She totally played on the fact that 2016 is also the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party. Today the media is in frenzy because their celebrated crossover pop star made a calculated move to piss them off.  Dropping the new song on Saturday, she didn’t give any time for them to ban her from singing that particular song. That’s right, she DABBED ON ‘EM! People are pissed and there is talk of boycotting Beyoncé as a result of her Super Bowl performance. Way to go Bey!

While I know Cameron and his teammates are disappointed as many of us are, they still have something to celebrate. Cam, you represented well so keep dabbing!!  Beyoncé, “you know you’re that bitch when you cause all this conversation”. To you both, job well done! I’m one proud, prejudiced NAKED lady who also doesn’t like to be told what to do and how to act!



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