AMERICA, Bring Back OUR Girls!

~Shemeka Michelle

bringbackourgirlsIn the wake of the Nigerian tragedy, many people have taken a stand demanding that these monsters bring back our girls. I too am pissed to say the least that our young girls are so undervalued by these heartless bastards! Having their nuts served on a platter while still attached wouldn’t even be justice! As we protest for our Nigerian baby girls, I can’t help but wonder… where are the protests that should be taking place in our own communities?!?!

As middle school girls are suspended for giving blow jobs in the janitor’s closet, I demand we bring back OUR girls! Girls are growing up much too fast. They are trading in Barbie dolls for real babies they can’t provide for. While I don’t think young mothers should be condemned, more and more, teen pregnancy is celebrated. We turn a blind eye to first graders wearing bright red lipstick and twelve years old girls flaunting and twerking asses bigger than mine. We continue to promote low self esteem as we send the message that less is more. Less clothing, less education, less morals and less values!

While we overlook this American tragedy, our young girls are falling further and further behind. Female role models in my era consisted of Diana Ross, Cicely Tyson, Maya Angelou and Dianne Carroll just to name a few. Bern Nadette Stanis’ character Thelma on the hit TV show Good Times was a true positive role model for young girls. Thelma was smart, always fully clothed and most boys thought she was fine! Today’s young girls look for love in hip hop and dream of becoming the next weave laden Basketball harlot!

I wish someone would bring back the days of jump rope and jack rocks! Let’s demand the return of little girls acting like LITTLE girls! Let’s demand they cover up and have some self respect. Let’s demand and hold each other accountable for allowing our daughters to enjoy their childhood. Let’s demand they’re allowed to play outside until the streetlights come on; instead of rushing in to take care of younger siblings while irresponsible women lay up having baby after baby!  My heart truly goes out to all of the Nigerian families. However, my heart is also breaking for the innocence stolen from the young girls I see every day. Let’s continue to protest for the Nigerians but seek to paint a bigger picture. Right here in our own communities we need to take a stand and make the demand to bring back OUR girls!