NGSC: Lasonja Marie


Sometimes I wonder whatever happened to me

The older I got I disconnected from the things I love

And I became who people wanted to see me be

Sometimes you can get so far gone in the ideas of others and what they believe you are

That you forget about who you are

I’ve spent years trying to live up to standards and portraying things that aren’t my truth

Well now I choose to say fuck it

I choose to be strong

I choose to embrace my sensuality

I choose to exude blackness

I choose to own my curves and love my lispy tongue that fits perfectly between my teeth

I choose to embrace my magic

I embrace my sensitivity, creativity, and free self expression

Whether the world likes it or not

And so what if my life doesn’t fit your doctrine

I have found peace and strength within myself

I’ve been told I’m just a dreamer

I’m constantly judged

People only consider me to be stuck up and spoiled, but you don’t know the half of who I am

None of this was in vain because I learned that I empower me, I give power to your voices and I also take the power away

Once I learned that I set myself free and guess what? Those voices no longer matter to me

I just broke the FUCKN mold!




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