Blacks Long to be White Slave Masters

A group of Black conservatives have been the targets of hate for openly expressing their support for our president. Years after slavery has ended, Blacks are still being oppressed by White Liberals, and…..hold on to your seats…..Black ones!

Coon, Uncle Tom, stupid niggers are just a few of the racial epithets that have been hurled their way over the last few days. Why? For simply posting a picture with the caption “Blacks For Trump, WE DO EXIST!!”

Call the dogs! The niggas have escaped the plantation!

From the Twitter feed of someone I’ve NEVER heard of until now.

Countless blue checks have lined the social media streets to wrangle up these escaped slaves. Obviously, these freedom seekers don’t know what’s best for them.

Really? It amazes me that a people who have marched and protested to be free, believe freedom should be limited. We should just use MLKJr. Day for big cookouts; serving chicken and watermelon because against his wishes, we continue to judge each other by the color of our skin!

The color of their skin is the only reason they’re being harassed. The majority of Blacks believe that the color of your skin automatically determines your political affiliation. Roland Martin, who is known in the Black community as one who stands against racism, showed his racism by deeming them “Clueless.”

Are they clueless based on skin color or would Whites that support Trump face the same criticism on his feed from just a picture? Should their skin color determine the stance they take on abortions, prison reform, urban revitalization, and other issues that concern many Black people?

Roland Martin, host of the syndicated talk show……oh wait, never mind

None of the people speaking out against them, have offered any facts as to why they shouldn’t support President Trump. It’s the usual emotionalism that comes with group thinking.

Skai Jackson, a Disney star who seems overly concerned about a hat. I would suggest she focus more on life after Disney, as many others weren’t able to make the transition. By the way, was that a question or a statement?

I’m having a hard time understanding how their harassment is justified for supporting Trump, but Blacks tapped danced for a woman who considered Black men super predators. I guess we are still expected to be loyal to the White Massas perceived to treat us the best!

One could consider the negligence to his hairline “self hate” but I digress!

Blacks will boycott the system; throwing bricks through windows of businesses, demanding equality, but won’t step up to the plate to be treated equally. We continue to look for handouts. I suppose if their signs read “Blacks for Elizabeth Warren” a presidential candidate who is pandering to us with promises of reparations, they would be well received.

A large account that joined in the harassment. I’ve never heard of him, but from his profile & pinned tweet, he suffers from emotional ash and impotence.

It’s sad that White Liberals can sit back and relax while Blacks do the bidding for them. People regardless of race should have the right to support who they choose without fear. It’s a disgrace that a Black male could freely boast about his desire to commit violence, especially against women, and be praised simply because the women are Trump supporters.

Where are feminists now? They should be charging in to defend these women with their pink hair blowing in the wind.

The Klan was started by White Democrats. However, now, it’s the Black ones that wear the hood!