Bill Cosby’s Accusers Were NOT Innocent Victims!

~Shemeka Michelle

bill cosby

I just spent hours reading the accusations from 35 of the women who have come forth with allegations of sexual assault and/or rape against Bill Cosby. While it is not my intention to demean or defame their character, I can’t understand why America didn’t see most of their stories as utter bullshit! I will probably catch all kinds of hell for defending Bill Cosby. However, I don’t care. It’s MY blog and I’ll say what I want to!

I’m tired of hearing all of the accusations against him for doing what so many men do everyday….take advantage of weak minded women. While that is definitely not a nice thing to do, I don’t think all of their stories constitute rape. I do think beyond a shadow of a doubt that their stories should be used to teach lessons to young women; especially those aspiring to be in the entertainment business to have and use COMMON SENSE! Most of the ladies who were then in their twenties, seemed to have EXTREMELY loose morals that lead them to these uncompromising encounters.

During the majority of these incidents, Bill Cosby was a married man. He married Camille in 1964. However by their own admission, many of these women considered what happened to them to be DATE rape. How do you DATE a married man?? Why did they think this was okay? Was it at all because he was Bill Cosby; a famous comedian whom they hoped could open doors for them? Many of them were aspiring models and entertainers who seemed to jump at the chance of being in his presence. This is evident as so many of them hooked up on the FIRST day of meeting him. If I thought a man was truly interested in my talent, I wouldn’t expect to meet him in his dressing room or accept an invitation to grab drinks after his show or have a romantic dinner in his home. I would be EXTREMELY suspicious if I was handed $500 then asked to his hotel room. However these women claimed to be clueless.

Many of them (once again by THEIR OWN admission) willingly took pills offered to them with the promise to make them “feel good”. This doesn’t surprise me as Methaqualone (Quaaludes) was a popular recreational drug in the late 60’s and 1970s. Is it at all possible that these women knowingly took this drug because they WANTED to? Similarly to how I hung out with guys, drank, smoked weed and then fucked when I was in my 20s. Why would they just pop foreign pills with such naivety? A few of them even admitted to hooking up with Bill more than once AFTER waking up naked the first time. One of the women said she was with him for two years under his drug induced spell. She likened it to Jaycee Dugard who was kidnapped by strangers at 11 years old! I’m sorry ma’am, being grown, free and having the ability to come and go as you please is NOT the same as that young girl.

Several of them were also known drug users. However, so many believed their stories on how their episode with Bill Cosby ruined their lives. I guess it was the Quaalude and NOT the CRACK!! These women admitted to giving Bill Cosby blow jobs, hand jobs, having sex doggy style AND having orgasms; some of them with NO drugs.  They gave it up simply based on his non-life threatening advances alone. Yet he’s painted as a monster! How is that even possible? In my opinion, America actually ran with these stories because we are addicted to sensationalism even when it has little to no merit.

Is Bill Cosby a philandering husband? Absolutely! A cornball? You got it! Should he be ashamed of his chauvinistic behavior towards women? Most certainly! It seems as if Bill Cosby used his name and fame to continuously have women at his disposable. However, I also believe these women shouldn’t be seen as innocent victims. Some of their behaviors in many of these incidents were negligent and inappropriate. While I don’t condone any woman being mistreated, assaulted or raped, I believe women should start to take responsibility and admit when their behavior is less than lady like. That means admitting that you sucked a man’s penis but still didn’t get that movie role. I hope that just as they are using their stories to encourage victims of sexual abuse to speak out, they will also use their stories to teach young women to have dignity, self respect and not continue to fall for the okie doke from ANY man….famous or not!


Stay tuned on my take of the R. Kelly allegations. If I can’t make you love me, I might as well make you hate me. Lol


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