Better get the “Ex-Fax”

NGSC: Kenita Stubbs
There is nothing like meeting a man and starting a new relationship! Everything is so good in the beginning and then months later, he changes! That sweet loving man starts to remind you of the last man that let you down.
Well, you should have got the “Ex-Fax”!
Women, do your research before fully committing. We all know that everyone has a past but sometimes our past comes back to haunt us in the worst way. Find out why his last relationship didn’t last. Was it because he was a lying cheating whore? Well, guess what? You’re now dating your future……a lying, cheating whore! Was he a good provider or did he live off of his last woman and/or is he a dead beat dad? If so, you’re now dating Mr. Wine and dine you only for him to soon quit his job and have his baby mama knocking on your front door. She’ll be asking why in the hell he’s at the park with your kids and hasn’t seen or done anything for his own children!
You better get the “Ex-Fax”
CarMax can give you a list called the “car-fax”. This tells you how many owners the car has had, if the car has been in any floods and just a complete history of the car. Before you make a purchase you know exactly what you’re buying and getting yourself into. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the complete history of a man before starting a relationship? Wouldn’t you like to know how many miles he has on his dick, if he’s ever been to jail and if so for what? It would be nice to know exactly what his intentions are.
You better get the “Ex-Fax”
Women, it’s okay to be cool and cordial with your new boo’s ex. Why? Because she won’t mind telling you whatever you need to know about your future man. Although those things won’t be the only determining factors as to whether or not you’ll proceed, it will give you a good prospective on how he may be. Of course some chicks will lie if they’ve been scorned but it will still paint a good picture. Just don’t go into something new thinking he won’t do to you what he did to her when he actually will. He’ll pretend like it was his choice to leave when actually she was tired of being mistreated.
Save yourself some time and just get the “Ex-Fax”!!