Be “honest, loyal and real” SHUT UP! Yeen bout dat life!

NGSC: Kenita Stubbs gabrielle_union


I be keeping it “real”, a buck, #100, on errthing I love!  Deeze bitches ain’t “loyal” and deeze niggas ain’t loyal! I’m jus being “honest,” I jus gotta be honest with myself.
I don’t need spell check nor did I forget to make corrections or proof read! I’m just sick and tired of people being just as ignorant and fake as my opening statement and title sounds.


Being HONEST means being truthful and sincere to the best of your ability. For some, just making this statement alone is a lie!

To be LOYAL you have to be faithful, committed, and dependable. This is not limited to boy/girl friends or husbands and wives. This applies to all relationships including ones we have with family and friends. REAL is being genuine, authentic, and factual!

“Yeen bout dat life” is slang for pretending to be something or someone you are not; doing things that you are not accustomed to or things that are completely out of your character. This would make you DIShonest and UNreal.
I’m so sick of people saying or using the excuse “I’m not perfect” and “we all make mistakes” as a way of escape for being a back biting, back stabbing two faced liar! I’m a grown ass woman/man….. NO, you’re a grown boy/girl! Age does not define maturity. When will people stop being jealous of one another?

(Also known as haters)

Why can’t we be genuinely happy for our loved ones?!?!  There is a difference between being concerned and helpful and being nosy and judgmental! Always having a negative opinion and ready to offer their two cents in criticism but never from the wallet! Why throw sarcastic jabs, and laugh it off? Knowing you really means your joke but you’re too much of a coward to be honest and real? Friends are the new enemies in this generation. Who can you trust? Who is honest, loyal and real? What I wrote will only penetrate the heart of the guilty. As I do a self examination to make sure I practice what I preach and live what I write, I will do my best to be honest, loyal, and real to myself, family, friends and others. Sadly this will be hard and almost impossible for some. They live to know everything about everybody and thrive on discussing it with others and somehow completely disregard the unhappy mess of a life (THEY FEEL) they are living in. So before you even try to confess what will be a lie, to say you are real, SHUT UP yeen bout dat life!!!!