Age Ain’t a Factor!

~Shemeka Michelle
 I came across a picture from my ten years high school reunion. Only three words came to mind…..What the Hell??? What was I wearing and why did I look so old? That is the same question I ask as I scan social media and even some of my friends. Not necessarily old as in gray hair and wrinkles but old as in OUT OF DATE, OUT OF TOUCH, STYLE-LESS OR ABSOLUTELY NO SWAG!! While I realize some clothes may not be appropriate for all ages, neither are shoes that have you looking like the head usher at First Baptist Missionary Temple unless you’re over 70!
I believe this happens to a lot of women. We get so caught up in being a mom or mate that we forget to be fly! I see so many women well under the age of 50 looking like an AARP honor member. Unless you’re just super cheap and searching for senior citizen discounts, this should NOT be! Please know that you can mature and get old but you don’t have to look like it. Women it’s okay to be sexy! It’s okay to be hot and guess what? Even Christian women can be fine! There’s NO excuse!
Someone reading this right now is highly offended. Good! Keep reading because this is for you. Let me be clear and say that sexy, fly or fine doesn’t mean sluty. You can be classy without showing all the ASSy! It means celebrating your new curves after children and smiling although you have laugh lines. If there’s something that you don’t like about yourself that keeps you from putting your best foot forward, CHANGE IT!! MA’AM, PUT DOWN THE CHICKEN LEG AND BACK THE HELL UP FROM THE TABLE!!
Remember that the best accessory is confidence! If you’re confident and comfortable as being pegged the older sister when you’re with your girlfriends, then that’s cool. However, if that bothers you, befriend a younger or sassier person that can help keep you current. If you don’t mind being the same age as your boo but looking like his mom, then cool. However if you hate it, get rid of your boot-cut, date night jeans! Also, if you’re sporting a beard, that could be a clue that you have lost yourself or may be out of touch.
“This is my style and my man likes me just like this!” Umm…ok. WHATEVER!
Look at the before and after photos. These are all women that have gotten better with time. They define swag and prove that berries sitting on the vine with time get sweeter. There are others that I MUST feature because they too are NOT PHOTO SHOPPED! Stop using age as an excuse or justification for being WACK ‘cause AGE AIN’T or at least shouldn’t be A FACTOR!!