About Naked Girlz

Naked Girlz are women unapologetically standing in their own truth. They provide a safe space for all people to connect on an honest level about the cares of life. They teach women to accept the beauty of being feminine and all that entails. 

Naked Girlz was founded by Shemeka Michelle in 2013. They encourage people to evolve freely at whatever pace the universe sets for them, but to evolve nonetheless. Naked Girlz embraces people of all walks of life and guides them into a space of freedom and authenticity.

They do all of this by facilitating real, unhidden, conversation through forums, seminars, poetry, books and blogs. They are simply real women coming together to get naked about real topics. They endeavor to live emotionally exposed because to them, living open and freely authentic is the only way to live.

Our Mission

is for everyone across the globe to Keep it NAKED! We celebrate diversity and seek to empower all people. We are extremely active in our community. Through every action, project or community service event, we seek to instill strength and resilience in every person we encounter.


Jamakah Webb

Kaylah Rain